A creative life

Expertise in data visuals and branding, underscored by a passion for music and theatre.

Video Edit - RAINN Thrive Together Campaign

Lead editor for a short video promoting RAINN’s Thrive Together campaign on social media.

Composer / Performer

Composed the score for two produced musicals and continue to write for a new era of theater.

Bringing data to life

Knowing how to tell strong visual stories with data is a valuable skill.  It’s a process that starts long before a survey enters the field.  Ask the right questions, understand the results, and provide visual context.  Key takeaways can be quickly understood and illuminate a path to the future.

Branding / Social Media

Developing a brand and the related touchpoints are critical to success.  Learn a bit about what I did for a project call Sunshine Concerts.

Video reel

Examples of some recent video work.

Recent Work

Seniorly – Curtain Up Holiday Special

Seniorly – Curtain Up Holiday Special

Edited concert together that included livestream footage, custom graphics, animations, and music. A one-hour live entertainment show for our aging loved ones nationwide. With hosts Emma Rodbro, Sam Bolen, Chloe Joy Ivanson, Craig Cox, and Harrison Chad


Change In Life

You likely know Justin Guarini from American Idol, or possibly from Broadway, but you may not know he’s a successful career coach.  In early February he hosted his first Core Confidence Challenge.  On Day 3 of the challenge, Justin’s guest was Broadway star and singer/songwriter, Christy Altomare.  Christy offered a wealth of insight on how to keep your life heading in a positive direction.  Here are some initial thoughts on what she had to say.

She touched on the fact that our minds are deeply connected to our bodies.  What we consume with our eyes and ears can have a direct effect on our emotional state and how we interact with those around us.  A playlist of positive music was a great suggestion.  So many creatives, myself included, often use music to deal with difficult emotions, like loss.  Finding and curating a list of uplifting / positive songs or videos on YouTube can be an effective tool to manage our emotional states.

One other point was that change is often the result of daily, consistent action.  It rarely arrives all at once.  In addition to maintaining a calendar to make sure you have a plan to achieve goals, she suggested keeping a daily list of accomplishments.  Over time, it will result in a journal of what you’ve done on your road to success.

My go to pick-me-up – the opening number from the 2013 Tony Awards.  I love the performances, creativity and inclusion.  By the end, the entire Broadway community is represented on stage, not just shows nominated that year.  With incredible lyrics by Lin Manuel Miranda, this song won an Emmy award for direction and it’s expertly performed by the host, Neil Patrick Harris.


What people are saying

Laura Benanti

“It is a rare gift to work with someone as talented, invested, kind and hard-working as Kevin. I am consistently blown away by his creativity and patience. He created our Sunshine Songs/Sunshine Concerts logo and look, and edited all of the concerts in a way that perfectly aided the emotional arcs of the performances. His love of music, and people, shines through in everything he does. Kevin is the heart of the Sunshine Concerts, and anyone lucky enough to work with him will see exactly what I mean!”


Laura Benanti
Tony Award® winning actress

Laura Benanti

“Kevin is a gifted designer and creative leader, with an aptitude for telling great stories with data. Really enjoyed working with him”


Stephan Shakespeare
Chief Executive & Founder, YouGov

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