A creative life

Expertise in data visuals and branding, underscored by a passion for music and theatre.

Composer / Performer

Composed the score for two produced musicals and continue to write for a new era of theater.

Bringing data to life

Knowing how to tell strong visual stories with data is a valuable skill.  It’s a process that starts long before a survey enters the field.  Ask the right questions, understand the results, and provide visual context.  Key takeaways can be quickly understood and illuminate a path to the future.

Branding / Social Media

Developing a brand and the related touchpoints are critical to success.  Learn a bit about what I did for a project call Sunshine Concerts.

Video reel

Examples of some recent video work.

Recent Work

Hardcover Book for Gaming Study

We recently did a character gaming study for a major video game publisher.  They wanted to compare their entire their entire universe of characters across five game titles, as well as comparing characters to others within each game.  We wound up delivering a highly designed, hard cover book  that embraced the visual style of each title, as well as the overall brand.

Meaningful promo wins job

One of YouGov’s most distinctive offerings is their depth of data, referred to as the YouGov Cube.  We were pitching a major Cosmetics brand that was hearing proposals over two days.  Each research team had 45 minutes to make an impact.   We branded Rubik’s cubes and integrated those cubes as the design framework for our presentation.  That pitch won us that job, as well as additional studies with that client.

What people are saying

Laura Benanti

“It is a rare gift to work with someone as talented, invested, kind and hard-working as Kevin. I am consistently blown away by his creativity and patience. He created our Sunshine Songs/Sunshine Concerts logo and look, and edited all of the concerts in a way that perfectly aided the emotional arcs of the performances. His love of music, and people, shines through in everything he does. Kevin is the heart of the Sunshine Concerts, and anyone lucky enough to work with him will see exactly what I mean!”


Laura Benanti
Tony Award® winning actress

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