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Heredia Vision, Seniorly

Edited concert together that included livestream footage, custom graphics, animations, and music. A one-hour live entertainment show for our aging loved ones nationwide. With hosts Emma Rodbro, Sam Bolen, Chloe Joy Ivanson, Craig Cox, and Harrison Chad

Featuring: Darnell Abraham, Alyse Alan Lewis, Travis Artz, Laura Benanti, Jennifer Blood, Sam Bolen, Harrison Chad, Rebecca Covington Weber, Craig Cox, Jacob Cramer, Daniel Dormont, Alex Ferrara, Lisa Gallagher, Danielle Gimbal, Jordana Grolnick, Chloe Joy Ivanson, Maia Karo, Ryan Kasprzak, Katie Lee Hill, Ashley Loren, Keetin Marchi, Lauren Marcus, Daniel Maron, Charlotte Morris, Courtney Reed, Emma Rodbro, Monet Sabel, Jillian Sainz, Jason Tam, Amy Toporek, Addison Valentino, Emily Walton, Donald Webber, Eric William Morris, DeAundre Woods

Hardcover Book for Gaming Study

Hardcover Book for Gaming Study

We recently did a character gaming study for a major video game publisher. They wanted to compare their entire their entire universe of characters across five game titles, as well as comparing characters to others within each game.