3D art and animation

Customized mockups, engaging video content

Early adopter of tech

For the past few years, I’ve created custom 3D models for images and video animation.  I’ve designed 3D art for interactive NFTs, podcast cover art, my own NFT collection, and social media, as well as product mockups and metaverse spaces.  I primarily use the Adobe Substance Suite and Blender, both of which have evolved significantly over the past couple of years.

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NFT 365

Metaverse Spaces

Unapologetic Cash Grab NFT


NFT 365 logo
NFT 365 Podcast Cover art - Bear Market
NFT 365 Podcast - Customizing NFTs
NFT 365 Podcast - NFT NYC
NFT 365 Podcast - Office Setup
NFT 365 Podcast - Bulls & Apes Project
NFT 365 Podcast - Ju Ju Smith Schuster
NFT 365 Podcast - GM
NFT 365 Podcast - International Women's Day
NFT 365 Podcast - Connecting IRL
NFT 365 Podcast - Education
NFT 365 Podcast - Swan Sit
NFT 365 Podcast - Matt Sczur
NFT 365 Podcast - 3x3x3
NFT 365 Podcast - WeMe

Metaverse Design / Customization

Mint 365 Metaverse lobby
Mint 365 gallery inside
Mint 365 Project Summaries
Mint 365 Gallery Outside
Mint 365 Piano Bar
Unapologetic Cash Grab logo
UCG - Not everyone's a bro
UCG - So when you said token gate
UCG - NFT brainstorming ideas
UCG - Dev in natural habitat
UCG - NFT social audio hype
UCG - NFT promotion tweet seems legit