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My Story

A Creative Life

When you find something you love, seek a job where you can do that the rest of your life.  I’ve found great joy in design, creativity and theatre – deeply moved by the positive effect a handful of people can have on the world.

In my career I’ve had the opportunity to work directly with companies like Coca-Cola, Netflix, Activision, Scholastic, Microsoft, and more.  Internal and external projects that have included designing and managing campaigns across print, digital, online and video.  Projects include a mix of internal and client branding that have lead me to one truth – companies that value and invest in design are statistically more successful.

In managing a global creative team I’ve served as a leader, a mentor, and in the process learned a lot about myself.

I have a passion for musical theatre where I’ve been a performer, composed the score for two produced musicals and continue to write.  In fact, my job prior to joining YouGov (formerly Harrison Group) was on the national tour of The Scarlet Pimpernel.

On a more personal note, I’m thankful for my family.  Raising our son has brought the most challenging and rewarding experiences of my life.  When we needed it, the support was there for us, and I devote time and attention to helping others when I can.

Kevin Sturmer

The Work

Career Highlights

Below are some of the creative highlights and projects I’ve had the pleasure to work on over the past few decades.  Everything from design, to editing, to writing and performing in the theatre.

Sunshine Concerts

Design, Video Editing

After #sunshinesongs went viral, with millions of posts, Tony Award winner Laura Benanti teamed up with Kate Detier-Maradei, to deliver a series of concerts to senior living facilities and childrens hospitals.  Partners included Seniorly, K4Connect, and website design by Prompt.


Creative Director

Head of a small creative team producing a variety of deliverables including marketing materials, presentations, reports, whitepapers, social media campaigns, videos, microsites and emails.  We brought data to life and generated additional business as a result.

Video / Photo

Production, Editing

A variety of video production, editing and photo experiences.  Production included storyboarding, interviews on location, and ethnographic videos.  Editing with motion graphics, music, audio, and more.  Photography included projects headshots and some custom stock imagery.

Harrison Group

Multimedia, Presentations

Award winning market research company where I served as the primary in-house creative for years.  Producing presentations, videos, websites, marketing materials and much more.  Data visualization was at the core of my work.


Theatre, Film

In my teens I fell in love with musical theatre, performing everywhere from local productions to a national tour.  I’ve made some great friends along the way and love telling stories on the stage.  There’s nothing like the feeling of holding an audience of thousands in palm of your hand..  


Musical Theatre, Film Scores

Composed the music for two produced musicals and scored music for both film and television projects.  In the process of writing a third musical and look forward to bringing that to life.

the feedback

What people are saying

Laura Benanti
“It is a rare gift to work with someone as talented, invested, kind and hard-working as Kevin. I am consistently blown away by his creativity and patience. He created our Sunshine Songs/Sunshine Concerts logo and look, and edited all of the concerts in a way that perfectly aided the emotional arcs of the performances. His love of music, and people, shines through in everything he does. Kevin is the heart of the Sunshine Concerts, and anyone lucky enough to work with him will see exactly what I mean!”   Laura Benanti Tony Award® winning actress

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