composer / writer

Composed the score for two produced musicals and looking forward to releasing new work soon.

Composing / Writing

There is little to compare with the joy of seeing something your create in your living room come to life on the stage.  Looking forward to more of these opportunities soon..

Double Duet
Book & Lyrics by James Falzone, Jr.  Music by Kevin Sturmer.
Four friends and co-workers all have romantic interests in each other, but none of them line up.  They decide a weekend away at a cabin is a great idea and an opportunity to express their feelings.  It turns out to be a weekend filled with untimely kisses, a fire, and Twinkies.

That Is To Love
Book & Lyrics by James Falzone, Jr.  Music by Kevin Sturmer.
Soon to be married, Jason and Lisa face the first meeting of their families the week before the ceremony. The antics of wedding preparations proceed with Lisa’s mother, Gloria, trying to organize a matrimonial masterpiece to be paid for by her ex-husband, Frank, who is constantly complaining about the rising expenses. Amid the chaos, the maid of honor, Kay, carries a secret: she is pregnant by the best man, Buddy. As the wedding approaches, Jason and Lisa discover what friendship, sacrifice and love really mean.