titlpicSoon to be married, Jason and Lisa face the first meeting of their families the week before the ceremony.

The antics of wedding preparations proceed with Lisa’s mother, Gloria, trying to organize a matrimonial masterpiece to be paid for by her ex-husband, Frank, who is constantly complaining about the rising expenses.  Tension between the two mothers builds as Jason’s mother, Elizabeth, does not agree with some of Gloria’s plans.

Amid the chaos, the maid of honor, Kay, carries a secret: she is pregnant by the best man, Buddy.  Lisa’s older brother, Stuart, also has a secret: he is going on Oprah’s annual Coming Out episode to speak out against the commercialization of homosexuality.  Within the course of the play, everyone’s secrets are revealed including Jason’s, which is the most unexpected of all.  Jason is HIV positive.

As the wedding approaches, Jason and Lisa discover what friendship, family, sacrifice and love really mean.

The original cast included Ethan James Duff, Timothy A. Fitz-Gerald, Rick Irwin, John Kinsman, Jennifer Mae Koblensky, Lana Quintal, Andromeda Rome and Kristie L. Salerno.  Original cast recording is available at Amazon.com.  Some tracks from the cast album can be heard here.