Double Duet LogoA musical about sex, twinkies and the American workplace.

Double Duet takes a look at four friends and co-workers – Terri, Barry, Tyler and Debra. They work in the same office, they’re friends and they’ve all secretly got their eye on becoming more than friends. The catch – none of their romantic interests match up. The brassy and often crass Debra finds herself infatuated with two things – Barry and Hostess Twinkies. Barry, who is nothing less than a man’s man, seeks to grab the attention of Terri. The conservative, closet neurotic Terri, constantly seeks her therapist’s advice to make her next move, specifically trying to win Tyler’s affection. This will prove a difficult task, though, as heart already belongs to Barry, but according to Tyler, Barry’s a little slow on the uptake.

We join this flirtatious foursome as they decide a weekend away at a cottage is just what they need to take that next step in their relationship. Their comedic weekend is full of untimely kisses, fires, flirting and fun, but will romance bloom for any of these friends? Find out.

Originally produced as both a workshop and a full production by the Downstairs Cabaret Theatre, in Rochester, NY. A concept recording was produced in 1992.  A few tracks can be heard here.