BBT SuperfanIn a word, it’s “incredible” to be the Big Bang Theory Superfan for the U.S.  A lot of people have asked me how it happened and what was it like on the set, so here you go.  My first-hand account.

It all started last year on social media.  Being a BBT fan, I follow them on Facebook ( & Twitter (@BigBang_CBS).  I saw a video from the BBT cast looking for the biggest Superfan.  It was strange, but I had a gut feeling I would win it.

I was instantly hooked.  Answering trivia in my spare hours on the weekend and then every weeknight.  At the time, I was rehearsing to sing in a special concert and during my downtime at rehearsal and the show, I was answering trivia & earning points.  It was a footrace until the end.  When it was over, my name was in the top spot.  I had won, but I totally didn’t believe it.  Tangential trivia – I made my final score 279.72 million.  When you take out the decimal it’s a palindrome.  Even cooler – it’s a palindrome where the outside two numbers add up to the center number.  There’s also a great party trick you can do with the number 9.  I did it for the people at Warner Brothers and they loved it.  But I digress.

The contest was over, I had won according to the site, but there wasn’t an email.  I kept going back to the site, making sure I had entered it correctly, and sure enough I had.  Three days later, I finally received notification that I had won and then some forms to sign.  Though at this point, I still didn’t believe it.

signed_dvdIt wasn’t until the signed Blu-Ray/DVD of Season 7 showed up that I started to think this was real.  These weren’t replicated signatures.  This was actually signed by the cast.  Then about a month later I was contacted to start making travel plans.

My son has a host of medical issues, so my amazing wife agreed to stay home with him.  I thought the next coolest thing to do would be to bring my mom.  So that’s what happened.  Getting out there, though, was an adventure worthy of a film trilogy.

Living in New England, there was already about 18″ of snow on the ground.  The day of our flight, there was a huge snow storm and no planes were flying out.  We were able to book a flight from a completely different airport in NYC that did have planes leaving on time.  So, after driving four hours in the snow, we arrived at JFK, got on a flight to LA and made it to the Big Bang Theory taping.

What happened next was amazing, but I’ll post more about that when the Season 8 Blu-Ray/DVD comes out September 15.


Alternatively, you can apparently buy Season 8 on YouTube and watch it right now.  Here’s the video: